I grew up in an area of Inglewood, California known as the Bottoms. It was so nicknamed because the neighborhood sat at the bottom of a hill, and because the residents were viewed as being at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. 

My father, a truck driver, worked hard to support our family, while my mother worked to improve our lives through education, attending night school after she put her three children down for bed. 

The hard work that I witness my parents engage in, for the betterment of me and my siblings, would be the foundation of my life. My mother eventually went on to work at MacLaren Children’s Center, a facility similar to Las Vegas’ Child Haven. Her stories about the needs of these children, unbeknownst to her, inspired me to want to make a difference in families’ lives. 

Before moving to Las Vegas,  I worked for Crystal Stairs, Inc. a non-profit organization that subsidized childcare for parents transitioning to from welfare to work. Working day in and day out with these hardworking individuals, determined to make a better life for their families, was a humbling experience.

  In 2005, I moved to the Las Vegas Valley and continued my work with the community by working for the Department of Family Services as a caseworker, working directly with families. Being able to see the progress that families could make with just a little support from professionals, gave me a sense of what our community could be if we all pulled together to ensure that even the most downtrodden of is cared for. With that in mind, I decided to attend law school, and see just how I could help with a legal education behind me.

  Today I own and operate Ketter Law Offices, a firm that focuses on assisting parents whose children have been removed by Child Protective Services, and also criminal defense, because everyone has the right to a defense, no matter what they are accused of.

  Now more than ever the community needs public servants, individuals that not only want to hear what the people want and need but understand that they are obligated to form a partnership with the community that elects them. My life has been dedicated to serving my community, win or lose this election, I have no plans to stop doing that now.

I ask for your vote, not just because of the promises of who I can be as a judge, but because of who I have been all of my adult life.

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  •  Bachelors of Science in Psychology at California State University, Northridge.

  • UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law

    • Was a member of the Black Law Students Association.

    • Las Vegas National Bar Association Scholarship Recipient (2010 & 2012).

  • Prosecutor for the Las Vegas City Attorney’s Office.

  • Owner and operating manager of Ketter Law Offices

  • Public Defender Attorney in Las Vegas Municipal Court.

  • Truancy Judge for Clark County School Districts Truancy Diversion Program.

  • Participated in the Children’s Attorneys Project Pro Bono Campaign, giving children a voice in child welfare proceedings. 

I believe justice should be fair, balanced and unbiased regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation or social economic status.